Eric Gorges graphite portrait

Eric Gorges
Today is the next lesson and before I go another direction I wanted to try one more time to see if this softer technique could do a male.  I realized that I really don't paint many men, don't know why.  So I decided to wrap a little man, fan art and all the facial hair, etc into one person, Eric Gorges.   Only thing I didn't get was all his tattoos.  Eric hosts and produces one of my favorite shows, Craftsman Legacy, where he visits various craftsmen/artists.  I don't know how/where he finds these folks but, the 30 minutes show feels like 5 minutes.  He also is a master craftsman, creating handmade motorcycles - previous job was wall street which he walked away from as he says, "it almost broke him".

I think this technique works regardless of whether you want sharper/softer lines.  I tried my working a couple more hours after I thought it was finished, so I think even the camera is catching more shadows, but graphite still doesn't photo all that well.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


Sheila said…
Terrific work Nelvia :) Wow! That sparkle in his eyes is really something ;)
Joan Tavolott said…
Excellent job on this...the technique worked nicely to sketch him. Looks like you have mastered it!!!
Nelvia said…
I never can save the white, so this is a little white pen added at the end and tamped down a bit with a blender.
Nelvia said…
I was pleased as he actually is a pretty good likeness, a friend of mine in NC recognized him, so worth the effort.
Nelvia said…
Yes, on to the next learning phase now, but will certainly try this again.

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