The Future

The Future
Well am doing the happy dance.  This is my second attempt at visitation by posterizing the picture.    I have been try8ing to learn how to do GIMP and figured out how to do that and take a color picture to gray tones.  Minimizing the number of gray tones also help to better see tones.  I actually took the colored reference and postruized ti down to 5 tones, but ended up having to add a few extra to get the look I was going for.

This is pastel and I tried going with pastel mat.  I have worked on the pastel mat previously and wasn't super happy with it.   You just can't blend as well - at least not initially.   But the good news is that it doesn't dust everything and does hold lots of layers.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


laurelle said…
Your beautiful pastel paintings are my favorites of your art. All your work and talent really come together in this wonderful composition. Kudos!
this is brilliant Nelvia - a great colour palette and wonderful skin texture
Joan Tavolott said…
This is really great! I love all the blending in the feathers and the skin tones. Whatever you are doing...keep it up!
Sheila said…
Stunning work Nelvia and high five on your learning!
hmuxo said…
WOW Nelvia...this is so beautiful. I LOVE it!!!!!