Well here is Buddy a bit more advanced.  Feel good as Terri gave the approval that I am on the right tract with him, so am pleased.  Have posted his picture too so you can take a look and make some judgements.  Will continue to go from here and love the posting as I always see things I need to enhance and change up - such objectivity.


  1. Hello,Nelvia!Buddy emerges more and more vivid, beautiful portrait! Nice weekend! Still hot here but not as terrible as the weekend past!

  2. Hello Nelvia:) Oh what a sweet head Buddy has. I'm always a little sad of dogs that have that dependent look in their eyes. It's just whether they are sad. That seems to be the mistake that I often make: I think dogs think just as we, people. So that seems not to be:)
    Your Buddy is great Nelvia. I can see that you draw him with love. The final result is going great. The owner will be super proud that cannot otherwise!! A very pleasant weekend x

  3. Hi to you both. Still very hot here, setting records each day, 105 with high humidity and feels like 110.
    Thank you for stopping by, question does the nose look off, lower here, don't see it in person but side by side think it's a bit off, not sure whether to go on or restart?
    Glad you are both well
    Yes Renate I agree the animals show so much through the eyes and body and I have trouble doing the sad not confident dog.
    Will check on you later, have a good one

  4. Hello Nelvia:) Coincidence that you mention the nose. I was not sure if you had the nose ready. What struck me is that the black nose above the nostrils on the photo is higher than above the nostrils on the drawing.
    On the photo he runs further by on the nose bridge. I hope you understand what I mean.
    You should not start again, that's really sin. The fact that you have the nose slightly lower than on the photo is definitely not disruptive. I think if you make the nose higher, as I mean, the problem is largely already remedied.
    I hope I have helped you a little with this answer.
    Not doubt yourself so, that's really not necessary!!
    Love xx


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