Blogger is still having issues, but might have found this is a better way anyway.  Got to go take down the rest of the decorations so here is my final post for this weekend's work. 
Isn't it ironic, Paulie and I haven't figured out yet, how the most impatient person in the world can sit for hours and do this tedious stuff.  Strange.  But here are the ears, and I have about 4 hours into them.  Undecided but still might need to tone them down a bit and might be too much detail for a picture that will be hanging high and that you might view from a greater distance since you would look out and up, maybe that's the reason to leave them lighter so you get the impression.  Guess the next thing I'll work on is getting the rest of the shoulder in and then the chest areas under the muzzle so that I can put the rest of the fact on top of it.  Might just complete all the legwork and leave the fun face for the last, will see what speaks to me next.  Have to say that working at this size hasn't been the issue I thought it might be, all work spaces can accommodate it, don't know what will happen if I kick it up another size or two - guess we'll see :)
Hope all have a great weekend and that this long work week, well, that we all get through it.  Have fun painting.


  1. Ears of Leopard are great,
      I understand that there is a long time to work! These fine details  make this work so precious!Have nice week dear Nelvia.Hugs,Rita.

  2. Hello Nelvia:) The ears do fit so well with the background! I love how he comes to live! Have a nice weekend to you. Big hugs:)


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