I kind of feel like the recording artist who finally gets to do an album, all those good songs been in their head for so long.  I had a head full of stuff too and hard for me to focus on just one thing - hoping it will get better.  Top picture is Mountain Zen update, amazing thing about posting is I saw immediately that I had extended the mountain line too far and it made a hard straight line with the lowest group of berries.  While I want it point to the berries and move the eye into the right side of the picture it was way too hard so need to work on that a bit and hope that I can cover that boo boo.  But overall am liking the pop of the berries and softness of the clouds and fog. Kind of tedious as I am putting in the branches, then putting in the clouds and coming in after to erase out the branch and retouch so it appears on top of the clouds and not in them.  Hubby, biggest critic, likes it and isn't concerned that there will be minimal pastel on the top portion, just really wispy clouds as that was the way it really looked.  So with his thumbs up I will proceed.
The bottom picture is another ACEO, this is color pencil, but am using the solvent technique - will try another pebble one with burnishing to get a high glossy finish to compare my preference.  This also has the dark outline around the pebbles that kind of gives a stained glass effect, I rather like it.  Just so much fun to play.  ACEOs are small so it doesn't take forever to get them worked through.  If you haven't given it a try, you should, 2.5"x3.5" and you can  enjoy and work through them in any type of media or subject.  I am hoping to get a few together and then see if anyone is interested in swaping.
Thanks for stopping by and hoping you are having a great week.


  1. YES I am! I like your ACEO's and would love to swap. As soon as I'm back I'm going to make one (or more:). If you like, we can swap.xxx

  2. No problem Sweetie, want many Renate's in my collection:!


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