Today has been a working day in the studio.  Trying to figure out how to make rocks look submerged under water.  Watched some Youtube videos first, although, never could find one that went the complete process, at least in acrylic.  Then did a rough trial ACEO, wasn't terribly excited, so rather than throw it out, marked that far away shallow water is blue tone, mid water is green toned, and closer water is red or yellow toned because the earth colors rocks are showing through clearer. 
So tried again, the first try on the left top ACEO and ended up overworking it terribly.  So tried another larger 4x6 piece and you see the under work, then on the top pic you see the finished piece with the leaves floating on top of the water and floating with the current. 
Not sure I got the effect quite yet, but tomorrow is another day and will try try again.  As I look more I am thinking the shadow area looks ok, but the close area the rocks don't look that much different in color than the ones on top of the water, so think a few more glazes.  Maybe tomorrow I will see more clearly and can always with the acrylic put the leaves back on top.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. i like that, it really gives an impression of depth under water


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