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My Imaginary Friend acrylic dragon, fairy, fantasy

                                                            My Imaginary Friend
Thinking this fairy tale is completed and that My Imaginary Friend as an idea came together.  This was pretty fun to do and it was more complicated than some I have done lately.  I think I worked about 20 hours just on the dragon alone, tweaking and refining.  It is always a challenge to take multiple photos and try to make them come together and be cohesive.

I do like that challenge and will definitely try to do another piece from several references I have already pulled.  However, I think that I do need to work larger the next time around. Not really sure that I got the scales right on this but he does look rough and smooth so I do like the different textures.  I did end up and put a darker glaze over the gate/wall and I did lighten up the castle a bit but still wanted to to read as a silhouette.  I really think that my favorite part is the sky - my wild and crazy sky.

Thanks guys for the comments and suggestions and sticking with me through this piece.


  1. It looks like it should be an illustration for the cover of a book. Beautiful job!!! I love the changes on the scales on the dragon. You are very good at combining references!! Bravo!

  2. WOW nelvia, you really brought this together. The arm looks so much better, the dragon is really quite perfect :) I love the curves of the wings. And the flowers bring the subject closer, and aid in the sense of distance. rally lovely, the little girl is sweet, her dress echos the clouds.... wonderful work :)

  3. Nelvia - you nailed it! This came together beautifully and I think the scales are just right. I do find the red on his head a bit out of place as it is the only red in the painting but the rest is great.

  4. PERFECT finish Nelvia!!! I love it!


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