Abandon acrylic woman study

Well as you can see I am still processing my last several weeks lessons and had also watched some portrait videos - a British TV production where they look for portrait and landscape painters of the year.  The winning several artists get commissions with the winner get a really big commission and a painting that hangs in some national gallery or library.  I have found it quite fascinating as it shows a lot of the judging process - how they think.    It is on YouTube under Art Lovers.

I looked again to super saturating a photo to come up with striking color combinations.  Lucky for me similar colors were already waiting to make the background as they were left overs still on the palette.  I wanted to try to do something with nonconventional colors and with more of a loose approach.  

Since this is painted on that canvas paper which  has a non-absorbent film-like finish the paint really tends to slide around on it.  Was easy to make some marks in the background.  

Once I got the background on I thought those colors lended themselves well to making skin tones/shadows.   Since it has a fair amount of green in it I had the license to go really reds in the hair colors.  I like the punch of the blue of the dress.   I was using ultramarine to make some of the greens, but thought we needed something else to punch up a little more color and felt that another dark green or black as too austere to use here.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


hmuxo said…
You're always learning Nelvia. This portrait is wonderful. I love her pose and attitude! lol

Sheila said…
I think the pop of blue is a great choice! Sexy, sultry, SUPER!! Great work Nelvia ;)
This one is very striking Nelvia. I like the mix of colours - very unusual - and it is a great pose.

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