Ok, had a total mind meltdown, so have been gone for a few days.   Apologies, I will catch up with you in FB and IG.   I think that I have been watching so many things that are so mew and different that it was just taxing my poor old brain.  Have to say that I have so many things pounding to come out.   But I have done a few things in the last so many days that I absolutely hate.  

I have seen so many folks working on "word prompts".   Thought it sounded pretty neat, but well, just came up with blanks.   So have found someone now who does both prompt and then a suggested photo.   So will start with photos and try to graduate to just working off word.    There is kind of a whole structure around the group and hoping that I will learn lots more, coupled with my year-long course and make it a year of good growth - forward - fingers crossed.

Anyway, this was a realistic portrait reference, but I wanted to go more abstract.   Ended up adding more paint areas then originally intended.  So I started with painted eye area, only area not covered with some veil.   Then threw on some of my homemade collage paper just to give some type of noise in the rest of the areas.  After collaging outlined/added more features and then threw on transparent color for the veils. 

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


Sheila said…
Whoa! Her unveiled eye is... it caught me off guard and it took a minute for me to figure out what I was looking at. Thought maybe a photo collage. You have done it again Nelvia... I am awestruck :)
This is a fascinating piece Nelvia and doesn't show the melt down at all - lol. I have been amazed by your continued excellence during all the classes you have been doing - I would have had a melt down much sooner if I had had so many new things to try. Great jo and hang in there.
carol edan said…
Love the use of the diagonals! Interested in the word and photo prompts!
Joan Tavolott said…
Lovely results! Your mind must be spinning with all you have seen in the class you've been taking. There are just so many new things that you are incorporating into your work. Keep going!!

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