The Gaze charcoal portrait

The Gaze
Still working in charcoal this week.  The Gaze is all about trying to get really dark and trying to be looser and rougher texture skin tones, not polite blended glazes.

Many thanks to Deborah Shapiro,, a phenomenal collage artist, be sure to check out her website.  Anyway, she did water using strips of collage papers and I thought it was so cool I knew I wanted to try it behind a portrait.  Also used some Artagain paper on the left-hand side, a drawing sacrificed its life for the cause.  But you can see it really took the matte medium in an unusual way, but I think it offer lots of texture and the illusion of braided hair.

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


Sheila said…
Love the collage Nelvia ;) Energy and light. And I LOVE the dark. To me, I can read this as her hair gone wild. Bold and confident. But I can also see it as just a textured background, and that her hair is neat and tidy under her turban. I love that you have created a dual personality for her. Wonderful work!
Wow what a great expression she has - super job Nelvia. I like the background to - nice contrast.

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