Cowboy mixed media portrait

Don't know about you but I think this dude could look pretty good on the cover of a romance novel.  He is this weeks charcoal lesson.   I had to fancy him up a bit and did a bit of collage work before I tackled working in various hardness of black and white charcoal.   I used the second part of my Artagain paper and while I kind of like it with pastels I wasn't super happy with it for the charcoal as it really doesn't hold enough layers to get the darkest darks.  

Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


Joan Tavolott said…
Is this done on two different kinds of paper? He definitely can command some attention. Ye-Ha! Nicely done, Nelvia.
carol edan said…
Love him! Reminds me of a cigarette ad, forget the brand, a senior moment.
Sheila said…
Oh yeah, he definitely has that stubbly, mysterious look going on. No shirt, yup... ready for the cover, LOL :) I love your use of color. The shapes, particularly on the left side. And his weathered hat... excellent rhythm in the brim that leads to the bold shape of color on the right. Terrific work Nelvia!!
A wonderful job Nelvia. I like the addition of the colour. You did a great job with the skin texture and the beard stubble is super although it is not a look I like. I hope you are feeling better.
hmuxo said…
LOVE him, Nelvia. Another favorite. Beautiful stubbly beard and I love that you added a
"little" color....

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