Yes I am Sexy and I know it!
Colored Pencil/Light Pastel on Bristol Board
Size:  14"x17"

Well here he is pretty much completed.  Rosco, his actual name, is one homely looking dog - but truly so ugly he is cute. 
I don't think he is completely finished, but I am tired now, and I am sure that I will want to dabble about on him, but have put him up on the easel for now for me just to critique during this next week.  I don't want to do something now that I will regret. 
I have been calling him a bull dog, but actually he might be a boxer, not sure which, and I probably should look up the difference and make a definite call.  Again this is a reference picture from Paint My Photo and I hope I stayed pretty true to his picture which you can find in the first post of Sexy.
I still have a long way to go on the fur technique and capturing the directional changes and coloration more smoothly.  That's probably what I will continue to dabble with as I go forward - how do you work those big fur areas.
Background is the next question, my hubby says yes - I say probably something of color but keep it simple.  Will have to ponder that and not sure if I'll add to this one but definitely the next dog should have something to just finish him off.
Hope you get a kick out of watching the progress as I have fun trying to make it happen.


  1. a long way? i am not sure this picture is just excellent. really. and he is not ugly just a bull dog. and besides men do not have to be pretty :) they just have to be masculine. and a bulld dog certainly is

  2. Hai Nelvia! I'm here again!!!:) Now I can see your dog closer. I want to hug him. His eyes are asking for it!
    Backgrounds are often an issue.If you have such a beautiful painting than a background will not add a lot more. Did the owner of Rosco see the painting?
    Are you placing it on Paint my Photo? If you need help with that, let me know!

  3. Great work Nelvia, love your drawing skills.


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