Well good Saturday morning all, just getting ready to go for my run and thought I'd post what I have done this week.  This is lucky 13 picture of this cat.  I am getting really close, have most of the base work in.  Hoping to get the rest of the muzzle in so then I can go to the detail.  Might get it there today.  Also I am pretty happy with my disaster area, I think I didn't detract too much, got the color in but the focus is still the eye area.  Not sure what I am going to call this guy - he looks like he is getting your scent and deciding whether or not you would be a tasty morsel.  Oh the roller coaster of artistic emotions, up one minute and devastated the next - do you all experience that as well or is it just because I am so slow and live with the pictures I work on so long.  In some ways I will be sad to draw him to conclusion now, as well, we have grown together.
Hope all are having a great weekend and hope to get a pretty completed pic out tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all your clicks of support and to the ones who are so great and leave me messages you keep me inspired.


  1. Hey Nelvia:) What was it you were so afraid off? I tried to find a failed piece of your painting, but I really can not find.!!!That roller coaster feelings you speak about are very familiar to me:) As a matter a fact: I'm in one now:) And I don't like roller coasters! The real ones or the emotional ones, not for me.
    The expression on his face you discribed, suits him well. On the other hand I think he's a real good guy. He has been waiting so long to be finished and he didn't eat you!!
    You did such a great job on this animal Nelvia, I'm so proud of you and very happy to be a friend of you!! Have a nice sunday:) xx


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