Well I am glad no one is having problems seeing the blog.  I have been getting hit with a group of different stat groups so I am trying different security settings to see if I can screen them out.  All I see is they hit my site and are supposedly improving their ratings, but it makes me nervous and after much study I can't find any way to get rid of them.

Two things today, wasn't going to post as I only have done  a little bit, it was finally was nice enough to go out and run (no rain and almost 50) but U gevraagd, krijg je, hier zijn de ogen so here you are.  Hope this close up is what you were looking for.  Tomorow am going to have to get busy again and try to actually do more housework -Ugh - and cleaning.  Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Great start...love the eyes!!!
    I also like the soft background.

  2. Hallo Nelvia:) Dankjewel voor de foto van de ogen!:) Ze zijn prachtig! I find it so cleverly that you've gotten them as glassy. An art!
    I also like the shape of the back of the panther. Like you can see his bones.
    About your computer problem. If I really have a problem with the computer which I can't fix myself, I go to a computer forum where I am a member (is free). They help me with the problem, also with always security problems. Often it is a deeper problem where you can do nothing about. I'm sure if you google on computer forum there is also one that can help you. Otherwise mail me the exact problem and I will see how I can help.
    Big kisses and keep up the good work as you do already:)xxx


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