Spring on the Blue Ridge

Spring on the Blue Ridge
Yes, I have to admit it, I have been in a bit of a slump for a while now.  I have found other things to do and haven't gotten in the art room and so  now it is hard to get excited about anything.  Looked at a bunch of photos and it was all blah!!  So I decided to do something I haven't done before, just get the paper out and go at it.
So this is a real smooth water color paper, hot press, that I bought and haven't figured out how to use - gosh I sure don't know why  - got to learn to read more carefully I guess.  So I threw a yellow wash all over it, except for a bit of sky color.  Then drizzled some dark green/black mail box paint I had sitting around for some of the tree trunks, the road and tunnel hole.  Let it all dry.
Then used a sponge to put in some of the leave shapes.  Then added the splashes of color with the palette knife for the rhododendrons, flame azaleas and mountain laurels.  I kind of liked slopping the paints around and might try it again, without the road, just kind of make it impressionist of the forest.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


The road is a bit much - too dark but I like the looseness of the rest. Just playing can be cathartic. Have a great weekend!

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