Plein Aire Flame Azaelea

Well last day on the mountain and while my better half catches a quick nap I tried to capture the light delicacy of a flame Azaelea.  Right now on the Blueridge at 5,000 feet, we are at the peak of Spring.  The Flame Azaeleas, Mountain Laurels, little yellow daisy-like flowers, wild purple flowers, and other pinks, plus the deep purple-pink of rhododendrons are at full lush bloom. 
 I liked this flame Azaelea, a pretty good sized bush, because it didn't move and the light seemed to,stay pretty constant.  If I continue with this plein aire thing I sure got to figure out how to get a lot quicker.  What I do like, however, is the fact you got to go with the first stroke, not overwork, stay loose and get the essence.  All those are great lessons to incorporate into other work.
Thanks much for stopping by. Feel free to leave me your plein aire tips.


hmuxo said…
This is the season to do plein aire painting when all these beautiful colors come to bloom. This is lovely, Nelvia .....I hope you and your husband are feeling better!!!
Alexander said…
wonderful, really great style.
Jane said…
This is very pretty, fresh and almost ' watercolory ' .

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