Red Tail Hawk 2

Well this is to keep me more honest than you as I am trying to keep the pressure on me to get back into the art room consistenly and make something positive happen.  So this is my progress through today.   I do find that I am using quite a bit of graphite in this piece along with the color pencil and am thinking I better get my pastel background in before long.
Bloody hot outside, going to be 97F degrees today (I know it is supposed to be summer, but come on!!) so nice to be inside - thank goodness for air conditioning.  I really don't know how the people in the olden days lived in the South with this heat and humidity.  I finished the book I was using for inspiration so hopefully my drive to continue doesn't dissipate. 
Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a great week.


this is looking wonderful!

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