Target Customer Analytics Adventures in Social Media

I am working through a quasi business plan (I pulled this from as it is slanted toward artists) and one of the first questions is where can I find my target customer.  I admit, my ego would like people to see what I am creating!!  I may never sell any more art but I find this fascinating (maybe there is a little geek in there after all).

So, I am reading about, searching for and enjoying the gathering of target customer analytics from several locations.   I am in the "collecting it" phase, the easy part - the hard part, "analyzing it" is yet to come.  Also I wrote down a preliminary idea of who my customer is:  interests, gender, age, income and education -  conclusion was I thought they were kind of like me, is it true?

I may be a bit behind the trendy aspects of social media in selecting Pinterest, but got to start somewhere.  So, why am I doing this:  60% of people use social media, in some way, each day!!  Do you have google analytics, Pinterest analytics or FASO's analytics set up for your blog or website?  These are my focus sites for getting information specific to my blog and website activity.

My eyeballs are spinning around in my head, I am thankful each night for google even though I have to reread my search info multiple times.  While it has taken quite a bit of time, I am finally beginning to get an idea of where and what kind of information is available from my focus sites.    I also have to look for places of information where they dumb it down enough and give specific steps so I can understand and find those things within my analytics pages.  Why do "they" always call it something else than what the instructions say?

The first look is at who is my target audience?  In other words, who likes my stuff!!

1)  Have you listened to AHA's podcast show on iTunes, was within the last 3 weeks, I think, it will give you some ideas on how to determine and find your customer  I have to listen to it again
2)  I have had google analytics on my blog for quite some time (but never really dug into it), and now added my website,  Am looking to see if I can add Pinterest into the mix there too.
3)  I also have some really great analytics from FASO, my website host, who knew there are sublayers of information I never even knew were there when I decided to switch from DPW.   I started digging there first as I thought it would be easier since I just started there and about 1 month of activity.

What are some things have I found about about "my people", read through it as you might find it as surprising as me.  The red are questions I am asking myself from what little I know.

1) Customer breakout is 46% women to 54% men - never ever thought that
2) 31% are international, 25% East of the Mississippi and 44% are West of the Mississippi - hmm, should this affect my subject matter?  Most of my sales have come from West of the Mississippi
3) I am tracking days of the week and times of day that people are looking and can only say initially they look at the oddest times!!  Are there better days to add pictures to my website   I have started a log and can now identify people who have visited more than once - how can I get more work in front of them?
4)  My age range was way off, 27% are 18-25, 34% are 25-34, with people like me only being 11%  hmmm, do I have to learn how to instagram as social media type varies by age, or does it?  Should this affect my pricing strategy?
5)  Best time to post on Pinterest is 2-4PM and 8PM-1AM  Heck half of the best times are past my bedtime!!

Sorry, this is long, but only scratching the surface here.  Stay tuned for more and if you have questions let me know and I'll see if I can find answers.

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Believe there is an error in you data - you repeated the 18-25 statistics and they are two different percentages.
    #4. My age range was way off, 34% are 18-25, 27% are 18-25, with people like me only being 11%

    1. Got it, I can't walk and chew gum either.

  2. You are really doing some intense analysis!

    1. Well I think it sounds harder than it might be. It is just learning the terms and how the data is collected. Like I say, collecting I think is easiest. Now how to use it.

  3. WOW! My mind just boggles at he job you have started but I wish you luck, Nelvia.

    1. My little eyeballs have been rolling around in my head, I must admit. It does give me a headache and then I have to go away form it and come back to reread it again. It is really hard in today's world not to think like a computer.

  4. I took a marketing course (3 years ago) that was focused on social media, SEO and whatever else was out there at the time to increase your internet 'popularity'. There was a lot of things to sort through and to be honest I decided I would just rather paint, walk the dog, go for a ride.....anything but deal with technology. It was a decision I am happy with - do I sell much art on the internet - no. But I do enjoy participating in art shows and sales in our small community. I might just have to hire you to look after all the computer marketing for me Nelvia! Enjoy your day..


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