Ok, here is the culmination of my weekend work on my upstairs project, Ziva, and my downstairs project, Parrot.  Still have lots of work to go on both of them.  Tried to do a different way of showing the  black reflections graying them down and then coming back to try to put in the black hair work and think I am liking it as I think it gives the reflection and glossy look that puppy fur would have.  Still lots of work to do on the muzzle though and then the body.  That will make Paul happy as he has complained on my only doing heads and not the whole dog, so a compromise of partial chest area. Although she is going slower than I thought maybe this week will see her almost finished, she looked deceptively simple and have found I needed more time to think before I apply the colors. 

Well on the parrot, got to add a bunch more color to the background which helps me visualize where I am going with this.  Again, goal this week is to get the rest of the background work in behind the parrot and amended so I can be happy with it and then concentrate on the parrot itself.  I am not happy with the greens, I need to figure out a way to get more greens since this is a jungle.  Think I will have to redraw a lot of the feathers so I have a more detailed plan to follow, right now it is kind of intimidating me as I don't want to put ink down until I feel comfortable with where I am going.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great painting week.


  1. Hello Nelvia!Welcome to my blog!I really admire the accuracy and expressivity of your drawings,Nelvia !

  2. Dear Nelvia:) I just found out I didn't comment your latest post. I don't know why but it isn't because of your drawings. Wow and wow. This is the real wow-effect. What an adorable puppy. So cute. And with great detail. I think that is your strongest point. The parrot is also very beautiful and very original. Never seen such a thing before! The background is so nice! What a lot of work that must be. Very, very beatiful. My compliments!!!!


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