Ok, just so you know I've not been a total slug this weekend here is an update on my parrot.  Now that I have the color in I have to go back in and add in additional ink, but pretty much have the background complete enough that I can start to work on the parrot's feathers.  I am learning a lot from doing this painting and am planning the next one in my head, only next time I am going to do it in brown ink so it's not quite so dramatic, but then again it might be too subtle - we'll see.  But alas I get ahead of myself and got to focus on getting this one finished.


  1. Hello Nelvia:) What an awful lot of work is here. And what is he beautiful! The background is so beautiful. There is a very nice depth in it. This is going to be a real topper. Watch it!
    Have a nice week:)


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