Dura-lar Mushroom

First I am thankful to my parents and every teacher I had that encouraged me to learn and love to read.  Sometimes you read about something and you just have to try it.

Here is my first experimental result of what Kathy Paulus, an wonderful artist at PMP, does with a combination of color pencil and pan pastels on Dura-Lar paper.  I have tried colored pencil on this polyester sheet and you can color both front and back, which is good as it doesn't hold many layers.  But she combines pan pastels and color pencils - so had to try it.  One thing about the dura-lar is because it is opaquely transparent you can put colored mat/paper behind it and it will change the way the coloring is.  Here I put it on a piece of orange construction paper.  I was surprised at how well the paper took the pastel and held onto it.  Well now, that opens up all kinds of things to the imagination.

Thanks much for stopping by.


Joan Tavolott said…
That sounds like a fun surface to work on. Nice!!
Very interesting look Nelvia and the whites really sparkle. Is that this new paper or just the technique? - very cool!
Rita Vaselli said…
Interesting Duralar ...I know that botanical painter love this transparent surface!!! Your mushrooms so lifelike,spark.
Nelvia said…
It is so smooth and not as slick as Yupo, unfortunately I don't have the imagination to explore on my own, so I keep reading and watching. But will go forward with pans and color pencil.
Nelvia said…
Think the whites are because I used a white gel pen to highlight. Can't wait to try more.
Nelvia said…
Hi there Dear Rita, will,have to try to find them, I bet it would be speculation for the details that flowers require.
Sheila said…
Gorgeous! Where did you find the paper? Sounds interesting :)
Jane said…
Always something new to learn , looks really great !

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