Update Adventures in Social Media


Well I have been doing a bit of a recapping on my exploits in social media.  I have been working it a bit at a time, not killing myself and think it is interesting to see what has happened.  While some of these numbers are small, considering I was at 0 the beginning of February .... well you see where I am going.

- I have 10 followers, and most of them are not people who are primarily interested in art and many of them I have followed back because they had boards I was interested in:  gardening, interior design, rusted autos, quotes, etc.  I have no idea really how they found me other than I have begun following some people with 1,600 followers, so??????
- For February I had 857 viewers to my boards, mostly US and Canadians.  I average 13 daily viewers, and they look at an average of 30 pins daily.
- 78% are female and 21% males, for Pinterest I think that is to be expected
- My art page boards now make up 56% of the views

On Facebook I have increased followers by 10, thank you guys who started up when I asked earlier.
- 64% of my viewers are female, 31% age 45-64 and 23% age 65+   The guys are 31% between age 45-64 and 23% age 65+
-  my viewers tend to be viewing spread pretty evenly between 9AM and 10PM
- Since I started my quotes/sketches I have ranged from a start of 16 to 90 viewers, now I personally don't know 90 people who watch my page, so ....  I have also been contacted by Facebook and they have boosted, gratis, some of my posts, which expanded some of my viewership

I have seen changes also on  my blog
- I am getting more viewers on my online gallery and some of those folks have gone over to my blog
- you have mere seconds to engage anyone

I also am seeing improvement on my online gallery.  Most people still come when new pictures are posted and the original email notification goes out.  However I have developed some people who have followed each new picture when posted.
- the bulk of my followers are still on the West coast, however, I am surprised at how many international people have checked in.  That was my impression the numbers say 64 West Coast, 53 East Coast and 24 International
- again it surprises me that most of the interest has been in the birds I have posted
- 63% are new visitors, I am glad I am generating both new and revisits, not sure what a good ratio is supposed to be
- I am also starting to see people looking at the entire portfolio rather than just a featured picture
- most people are spending 10 seconds or less looking at a painting - whew, don't blink
- I also got a commission off of FASO during February, but don't think I have actually had a serious buyer for any individual pieces

Still have lots more to figure out and learn but ,for now, I'll just keep plugging along.


  1. First of all, the old wood in the painting above is gorgeous.
    Second, do you also "follow" lots of people? I ask because, I only want to follow who I really want to read, not just for the sake of following. Maybe that's not good business, but I don't want stuff I don't care about showing up in my feed.

    1. No I only have about 20 people that I am following as I too don't want to see boards that I might not be interested in. Also I don't automatically follow everyone who follows me. You can also custom down to only the boards you want to see from someone, you don't have to look at everything they collect.

      Thanks I did this painting a long time ago and am going back looking at things I did to see how far and how much I've changed.

  2. Interesting analysis of your followers. Do you do Instagram too?

  3. It is super that so many of your social media sites have seen an increase in followers and visits - good for you Nelvia.

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like your hard work is starting to pay off :)


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