Winter's Day pastel landscape

                                                                       Winter's Day
Guess I am in a funk.  This picture when I saw it yesterday totally epitomized my mood.  We aren't getting hammered, like some of the country, but winter is definitely back.  All the stuff that thought Spring was here is now getting killed, since it was so far developed, actual leaves on trees, not sure what is going to happen with the cycle.

I liked this shot from Ron Ford, it is a really overcast gray day.  I actually added a lot more color into this piece than the photo.  Thought it was a perfect piece to create depth with the various tree lines.  I am just going to keep my head down and try to crank out some of these landscapes, hoping that I will get the idea and start to be comfortable with them.

This is on the smooth side of medium gray MiTeintes paper.  It is mostly pan pastels and traditional sticks.  Surprising myself I really didn't use pencils.  I did find a gem however, a Unison pastel stick and boy is it every creamy and buttery.  It lays down the pastel with each mark.  I do realize however that I have got to find myself more darks in the browns, greens and grays.  Oh, oh, shopping!!!!!

Thanks much for stopping by to take a look and all comments/suggestions are appreciated.


A super piece Nelvia! and I like the touches of mauve and sienna in the foreground. It is so much like the weather we have been having the last few days - grey and foggy. Spring will come we just have to hang in there, meanwhile paint pretty pictures to brighten your day - lol.
Sheila said…
Lovely, quiet scene. :)
Nelvia said…
I think we are all in the winter doldrums now. We lucked out, even with two nights in the 20s our new growth pretty much came through with small amounts of damage.
Nelvia said…
Thank you Shelia. Still trying to get your site to work and notify me automatically.
Jane said…
Her spring is in full swing , really don't hope winter will be back again unexpectedly , but I do like your winter scape . Love how the forest disappears into a haze , great depth .
Joan Tavolott said…
This perfectly captures that dark, hazy snow look where everything is muted. Hope the sun has come out since. We are having a dreary day today...some rain followed by a bit of snow later today. I'm ready for spring. Enjoy!
Nancy Goldman said…
Lovely and very cold looking. It makes me appreciate our lack of seasons here.

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