Coral Reef, 5"x7"
Getting really frustrated with blogger/google these days.  Not sure what they re doing but ...  Anyway after putting in my password for anything google a million times I decided to relax and play a bit.   Seems like everything technology in our house was asking for various passwords yesterday.  Almost getting, and yes I get it as there are so many dishonest people, you almost have to have a password for "the" password.  

For a person who has never much been interested in texture, I must say that now I am interested in trying it out on various things.  Today's play was trying to see how much texture you could get using the Yupo paper and watercolor.  One interesting thing about the Yupo is that with watercolor you can pull off color and it leaves a nice rim of pigment, which gives the outline effect.

Got a couple more things on the easel that I am working on, but it is slower going.

Again, after turning this around when I thought I was done, I thought I saw a coral reef, hence the name.  

Thanks for taking a look and sorry about the google rant.


  1. Fun to play and discover things when you're done. There have been so many problems lately with google, FB, etc. I couldn't sent any emails for several days from my gmail account. Luckily it cleared up.

  2. If nothing else, you are having fun with painting to counteract the frustration with computerland. My blog still is not working properly - pain in the a.. I have a few sheets of Yupo that will probably sit in the closet unused for years - I don't like the surface much and prefer regular papers. Have a great weekend.

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