TRAX collage painting

TRAX - Collage/painting
Still trying to figure out how to incorporate collage into my paintings.  Also thinking it would help me to get looser, impressionistic looks. But, sigh, looks like I still have a long way to go on that. 

You can see by the small picture below, where I was at with the main collage pieces and the drawn train.  The main collage pieces used were:  the underpants was torn newsprint out of a paperback book, train front window was graduated gray tones (I added painted color and shadows), top part of the building/tresses, tracks, the man in the red jacket as the collage pieces.  

The remainder of the people and the rest piece are painted.  I tired to make the sky/trees more impressionistic.  

                                    As usual, I like part of it and not so much other parts, but it is interesting, kind of like learning a new language.   
Thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. This is an interesting piece although a bit dark for my taste. I keep wondering about collage versus mixed media - what is the difference? - lol.

  2. Enjoy seeing the wip. Interesting watching you work/learn/experiment :) Keep it up :)

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