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Stream Bed

Mongolian Horse Race
As sometimes happens I am ending up working on multiple projects at once.  For whatever reason I can't seem to get focused on just one.  So I am just giving up and rotating them as I feel the need to work on something each day.  Guess that will mean that I will have a couple of finished paintings probably about the same time.  

Mesmerized is a wonderful photo that Sandie Bell captured of her grandson and a butterfly.  I decided since I haven't worked in graphite for a while it was a perfect opportunity to do this piece and kind of get back in the swing of things.   I also am adding a bit of color pencil just to add the faintest hint of yellow ochre.  I also am using several different techniques on this which include powdered graphite and a brush, toilet paper, and just pencils of different hardness.  This piece is happening slowly as it is built up in thin layers.

For Stream Bed I decided to try to do a little watercolor.  It probably will end up with some other media on it, but for right now I am going to try to keep it pure watercolor.  I don't usually work in this medium but do enjoy getting texture right now, so thought it appropriate.  I forget though to really now overwork and do find that for me, it is also another pretty time consuming process.  

And the last piece s horse racing.  I used two different photos from Ian Quigley and wanted to make it a very loose piece.  I am having to build it out, then find more traditional clothing (they are wearing jeans and hoodies) and then come back in and ad more abstract color over both horses and men.  Since I am really feeling my way in this piece I guess that is why I started the other two.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend and holiday.  We have something extra to celebrate as my hubby has his birthday!!  Thanks much for stopping by.

Google still isn't notifying when people come and see or leave comments, so .... sorry if I am slow to comment back.


  1. Wow - these are going to be super but so much work. Great job Nelvia! Have a great holiday and happy birthday to your hubby.

    1. Thanks Val, each one is always treasured and appreciated once you get to our age. Yes, it is taking some time, but I do like the effects you get when you go slower.

  2. Great start to all of these. I can't wait to see how they transform as you finish them. Happy Birthday to your husband. Have a great 4th of July.

    1. You have a super holiday as well, hoping it is cooler up there than here. Will continue to post shots as I get enough done on them to tell the difference.

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  4. WOW, high five for keeping yourself challenged and busy :)


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