Midnight Majesty

Midnight Majesty

Sneaking up on bolder color, while still a bit realistic, is what this picture turned out to be.  I did the first picture, below, and felt it was kind of blah, even though I tried to add color to it.  So I let it sit on the easel a bit and then reworked it adding in more color.  I was using some craft paint, and even though it looked quite bright when I put it on, it sank into the mat board I guess, even though I had a layer of black first, but for whatever reason the color just melted away once it was dry.
Even though the primary reason to rework was to add some color, I am happier with the horns and face of the bull.  Oh yes, I learn all this trivia, an elk mature male is a bull, while a deer is a buck, and a moose is also a bull.  Know you will sleep better tonight knowing that distinction.

Anyway, thanks, as always for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Very nice. I'm always a tiny bit jealous of artists who can put in odd colors where they don't belong yet make the perfect painting.

    1. I confess I really wanted it bolder, but ... I guess the subconscious was stron because it just wouln’t Get there. I also wanted it looser, but another but... so you take what’s you get I guess this is how he wants to be

  2. Oh Yes, this is much nicer!. I like the work you did cleaning up the antlers and the addition of colour make it so interesting. Great job Nelvia.

  3. I thought it was perfect before, but the changes really make so much better. I love the addition of turquoise or blue, very nice. And the horns, yeah those are great too ;)

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