Blue Butterly Graphite Boy Portrait

Blue Butterfly
One good thing about having multiple paintings/drawings in process is that when you get like I do, either fatigued after completing a bigger painting, idealess, can't concentrate or just listless, you can pull it out and finish it.  In this case most of the heavy lifting was completed and all I had to do was to add some final touches and hair on the right side of the painting.   Not really sure why I just didn't complete it when I started it months ago.   I think this was after the move, so I can't even blame that.

I like the way color pencil looks over the graphite.  I know it blurs and the color gets grayed, but, well, that's is what happens anyway with graphite, you get tones of gray, right?  To me it kind of gets that soft pastel-like finish that just graphite by itself doesn't really have.  Also, I also used a big brush, my fingers and a chamois-like cloth to buff the surface.  Using those tools helps to spread both the CP and graphite around the surface of the paper, doesn't necessarily push it into the paper like it would if you used a tortillion or stump.  Especially polished the eyes so they would take on that shine that really soft graphite does so well.  I also like to take the black/white look and add touches of color to it as I think it adds life and some sparkle to the piece.   Of course, those graphite purists won't agree with me on that, I am sure.

So thanks much for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Wonderful sketch Nelvia. Excellent job on the fingers and I love the splashes of color!

  2. Wonderful, soft, dreamy, magical. Who cares what they think. This is YOURS! ;)

  3. This is a really sweet painting Nelvia and the eyes, as always, are brilliant.


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