Dancer mixed media figure painting


Well my inspiration for this was Joan's sketching at the High School of Art and Design.  I decided it would be fun to work on some clothes figures and spent a lot of time looking for online sites that feature clothes models.  I do like to use Croquis Cafe for my gesture and timed drawing, but most of them are nudes.

So anyway, I have these pieces of cardboard and decided that I wanted to try painting on that with the ridged background.  This time I used oil pastels - I still might overwork this somewhat with the oil pastels just to see what I get, especially on the skirt.   for the most part this is acrylic on the figure with a couple of places some fine-line markers or CP to get some of the details.

I have to tell a story because I think it is so unbelievable.  Earlier right after we moved here I opened the front door at night and we had a bird fly into the house.  Finally got him out, but thought that was pretty peculiar.  Yes I did look up the old wives tale of what that means and it wasn't good.

Last night I went to cover my plants which are under my front porch and I opened the door and two birds flew off of the wreath that I have hanging on the door for Fall.   They were roosted sitting on the wreath part hiding behind a scarecrow that is hanging there with the colored leaves.  They absolutely scared me to death.  I am not sure who was more surprised.  Luckily they both flew away from the house.  This morning I think I found the culprit, and they are little trouble makers, we have a couple of wrens.  I have been hearing them under my studio window and one was sitting on our front porch rocker looking into Paul's Office just like she owned the place.  So I think she and a friend have adopted our front porch as their hangout.

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  1. Amazing Nelvia! The details are incredible. Beautiful work. Love your story, but I hope they find a new hangout before they get too territorial. LOL :)

  2. A wonderful painting Nelvia! This is so full of life and movement it just shines. Fun story about the birds and I am assuming that the bad luck from the first bird has not happened - and won't. Have a great day.

  3. I love the movement of the woman! You did a great job on the clothing!!! Glad my sketches from the High School of Art and Design inspired you. Strange story about the birds. I hope they move to a new location so they don't scare you again.


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