Christmas Card #3 Christmas Lantern

Christmas Lantern
Well after days of inactivity I tried to venture outside with a quick walk.  Good news is I got it in, bad news is it was darn cold!!  But, supposedly we are going to get high 60s by the weekend, and I can feel like I live in the South, not the North.

Sorry about the glare, but this is a combo of acrylic underpainting with oil over the top, so since I have Liquid on there along with the oil, it has a shine to it.  I know this isn't nostalgic but I like it and was intrigued by the ornaments that compose the background.  Also like trying to do the pinecones - just like pineapple those guys are tricky.  By the third one I was kind of getting the hang of it and it really wasn't that difficult.  I always have to remind myself that this is impressions and illusions.

Thanks much for stopping by.


  1. I LOVE the last sentence! "...impressions and illusions." Great reminder.

  2. This is lovely Nelvia and I think that it is quite nostalgic - you don't see lanterns like that much any more after all. An interesting combination of media for a card - wow!

  3. It may not be traditionally nostalgic, but all the parts sure are! I like the way you combined them and the ornaments as a background make this so interesting. Well done!!!

  4. I hear sleigh bells jingling ;) Brings back memories of holidays past. The cones are wonderful, the candle's glow, the sparkles. Lovely :)


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