Reflection Acrylic Portrait WomanReflection

                                             HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE

Just got this finished, I think, and it is time to clean up the kitchen, again, and then start setting up my Christmas tree.  Big old turkey a little later this afternoon.

This is a bit of a different style, a kind of mysterious portrait.  I wanted it to be kind of dreamy instead of the wallpaper the reference had, and I liked the title because it alludes to several different of types of reflections.  The skin tones in this piece also are very grayed out which I think helps create an interior scene feel.  

This is an acrylic piece and I did have fun with the mirror and the mirror reflections.   While it isn't perfect I think it gives the impression of an ornate mirror and in real life you really see the gold sections metallic look reflect much better.  The necklace chain I did do with a metallic colored silver pencil and it does give it nice shine.

Thanks much for stopping by and I hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends.  We all have much to be thankful for.


  1. Super job Nelvia!. I like the background and the mysterious feel to the reflection.

  2. This is lovely! I love the way you handled the mirror and the wallpaper background. She looks so deep in thought!


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