Harry Potter Fan Art acrylic portrait

Harry Potter ATC
Well I have to admit that I have been procrastinating on creating this month's ATCs because I really wasn't sure what the theme was.  It is FanArt, and I guess since this is just a card trade I won't get into too much trouble using some pictures of Harry Potter.   Yes I am/was a big Harry Potter fan, more so of the books than the movies.   We still get out the videos and do Harry Potter marathons.  Surprisingly enough I usually see something I didn't before.

Again this is tiny size, 2.5"x3.5", or about a credit card shape.  What I hope this is showing is how he looked when he was in the first movie, to his more mature look in the last movie.  This was really fun to do and I am pretty happy as I think I got pretty good likeness.   I also really like how I blocked in the skin tones and you see the natural variations.

Thanks much for stopping by.


  1. This is very cool Nelvia. I can't say that I was much of a fan and I never saw the last movies but I think your painting is pretty darn accurate. Well done for such a small size!

  2. Wow, awesome idea and execution. I hate to admit I have not seen all the movies, and have not read the books. But I can understand the interest and obsession by so many ;)


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