Mary Crowley ATC acrylic portrait

Mary Crawley
Ok, here is my second fan art piece for my ATC exchange this month.  I decided to try to capture Mary Crawley from Downton Abby.  I have to admit once we started watching that series we were hooked and were really sad when it ended.  Seems like we like a lot of the English shows and still follow several series today.  Anyway hoping that this does come close to catching her.  We have Downton Abby marathons occasionally too, just like Harry Potter.   And when I watch the earlier episodes I always forgot just how nasty she was.  I guess it ended up all right though as Edith ended up really more royal.  

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  1. You did a great job on her likeness. I knew it was her right away!!

  2. I am amazed at these so small portraits with such details!

  3. WOW, gorgeous work. You completely captured her snooty patooty. OK, you know I am a huge Downton fan. And hey, the movie is on the way! Next year think. I have gone back and watched the videos several times. There is a always something That I have forgotten, that seems new. Ha ha, so many characters to keep track of I suppose. LOL. I am happy as well, that Edith found happiness ;)

  4. I must be one of the few people in the world who has never seen this show! Whether your painting looks like the character or not you did a great job!


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