Christmas Card #4 Silent Night pen/ink

Silent Night
Ended us doing a different look and media yesterday due to time and place, yet another doctor's waiting room.  Hopefully the last for procedures for this year.   Anyway I always like the look of these graphic pieces, although I am not all that good with them.  It requires such precision, so I think that requires lots of practice.

I did this on a watercolor card, they really need to learn how to fold correctly.  And boy, this paper really loves to suck up the inks.  There are a lot of layers on this to get it dark enough.

If you have a chance, please either make/send a card to:
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital
8901 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20889
I don't usually mention these types of things, but this really strikes a cord, these folks could really use the thoughts/prayers and something to make them smile, especially during this holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. Love the graphic simplicity Nelvia. Super idea. Count me in. ;)

  2. A wonderful piece Nelvia. I don't see any mistakes so you obviously nailed the precision. What a nice idea to send cards to recovering soldiers.


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