Hanging pictures

Ok, have to admit there has been a certain amount of procrastination involved in this, but I do like to take my time as well.  I knew I wanted to put my art up in this house but wanted to take my time
selecting the right pictures and utilizing all the frames I have collected over the years.  I also wanted to put the right pictures in the right place and not create a ton of excess holes in the walls.  I also admit that I am not handy, I absolutely hate measuring, nailing, screwing/unscrewing, ladders, etc.  But the weather has shifted now, got no outdoor work as an excuse, so .....

I have been researching hanging systems, and while they are sleek, sophisticated and versatile, I got to admit that I am cheap, cheap, cheap.   I just can't do it, as we are the only ones who will really ever view it.   So, am going back to the old fashioned way for the individual pictures and have an idea - got the stuff, now the work to put it together to see if it works - for the areas I want to hang multiple pictures and change frequently.

While it  was a pain I think we got the measuring part down without doing bodily harm to either of us and I have to admit I like it.   It really amazes me how just adding 3 pictures (one you can't see in this shot) into the dining room really warmed up the place and tied together my Oriental accents in the curio cabinet.   Definitely enough of a boost to get me going to do more today!!

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Lovely place for a meal and chat. Looking GOOD!

  2. The paintings look wonderful on the wall, Nelvia!!!!❤️

  3. It looks super Nelvia. As my home is open as a gallery, I had to come up with a display system that works with multiple sizes and didn't cost the earth. Luckily, Bob is very handy and made a bunch of long narrow shelves out of molding that work perfectly. Good luck with the rest of your hanging.

  4. Your paintings look great in this room that oozes warmth and family life.

  5. Looks great!!! The paintings really warmed up the room. Just curious as to what the third painting was...

  6. It takes time Nelvia. Time to get the furniture settled, time to choose what goes where, in what frame. There are many things to consider, so you are right to take your time. Your room does look warm and inviting. :) Now you can enjoy it!


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