Christmas Card I

Christmas Card 1
Well every year since I retired in July I think that I might begin my Christmas cards.  Of course I don't.   Only one year did I ever start Christmas shopping in July and was finished well before the season - no problem!!!   Was wonderful, why didn't I do it again??

Then about November through this time of year I think I won't make any cards this year.  I still have a few singles from previous years, or a few store-bought cards - why make them.   But then I see something that  makes me want to go ahead and make a few again this year.  So, here we are, the first one of the season.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. How special to receive a hand made card!

  2. Nothing like a homemade card. Love to cut up old paintings and us them for cards! That's the spirit!

  3. Love this!!! It really came out beautiful... I wanted to make my Christmas cards this year!!!! Hmmmm.. maybe?

  4. This card is so much fun! I like the expression on his face - not sure if he is happy or just confused at being used for decorations - lol. I usually do a few original cards for my kids but this year I just seem too busy. Nice job Nelvia!


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