Study of Grace pastel portrait girl

Study of Grace
I didn't have a lot of time today so decided to see if I could capture Grace.  She is in a downward looking position and I think I missed the mark on getting her nose long enough and he mouth tilted just right.  But, I learned a lot by doing this quick sketch, and hope to put what I learned  into a painting of her.

Again I tried the cardboard as we have been getting lots of packages lately, these were precut to 10"x10", so I didn't even have to cut anything.  Yes, I am lazy about some things.  So anyway thought it would be a good surface and I do really like how the backgrounds come out and how it contracts against the smooth of the face.  I tend to  usually blend my pastels so, it works.  I think when I start my class in the first of the year will probably utilize cardboard as supports.

Thank much for taking a look.


  1. I think she is lovely and stands on her own. For me as the viewer and not seeing her in person or photograph, the likeness is not an issue. I am sure you got her gesture! Love the feel of the texture and that she is part of the background,

  2. Wow! This is great Nelvia. I really like the texture of the background contrasting with the smoothness of the head. People are always going on about 'archival' in art - how does cardboard fit in that concern? I really don't thin they had such a thing way back when - lol.

  3. So lovely Nelvia. I am sure if you were being graded, that would matter. But to someone who has no skill for portraits - this is fabulous! I love the texture of the cardboard, think it would be pretty with more colors added too. (Like some of the wild backgrounds you have done before) But you were were tight for time. I love her hair, her expression. Beautiful work my friend :)


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