DAY 11 Links

Today's abstract reminds me of Links and connections that we all have in our lives.  Lots of circles (for me until I get it right) and lines crossing with the highs and lows that keep life interesting.  Just played with a lot of textures in this piece experimenting to see what results there might be.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look.


  1. Great piece... my eye keeps traveling in and out and in between! One thing I learned in one of my courses is playing with the line. Just let it travel where it wants to go. Vary your mediums. pencil, marker etc each has its own distinction. It's wonderful play!

    1. Carol, I so appreciate your comments as it really helps me begin to understand what it is about abstract that draws people. I feel like I am floating out here and don't have a clue what I am doing, right, wrong or indifferent. I also don't want everything to start to look the same either. So, what you are sharing with me is very valuable and much appreciated. And play, it definitely is and so much fun and freeing at the same time.

  2. Another winner Nelvia although I am not sure about the yellow but that is just personal - lol. I like the texture look of this and bet it is super in person.

  3. This is wonderful in how it keeps your eyes active and taking trips around the canvas and back again. I love the melting sunlight with drops of bright blue rain. One interpretation that came to mind. we have had strange days, bright sunlight and rain falling. Interesting colors that happen. Awesome abstract Nelvia!


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