Day 28 Repost Dryad

Day 28, since I am still working on a miniature I needed to repost something for today.  So I picked Dryad, done on March 1, 2016.  I did a combination of references for this piece and it was one of my first out-of-the-box pictures.  It combined my love of portraits with something that gave it a more abstract, contemporary feeling.  This is done in acrylic and is based on a photo by Alex Lee Johnson, a photographer at PMP.  I think the eyes say it all in t his piece and she represents the true soul and spirit of the trees.

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. I completely gravitate toward this amazing portrait. She definitely is the spirit of the tree or the tree is the spirit within her. Lovely!

  2. Really cool Nelvia. Awesome skills! :)

  3. She is really lovely! Love your muted tones!

  4. I do not remember this one but it is lovely - a super combination Nelvia


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