DAY 27 Spark

Spark w/mat
Spark Unmated
Well for today's hot scheme I had this in the middle of paper with borders around it, thinking it might not buckle as much and that it would look like it was already matted having the clean edges.  However, it wasn't the best paper so it buckled anyway and then when it ran it ran down over the border, which was already dirty (where did that come from?).  So I might, clean it up by painting the border all white, or just cut another "mat" that fits on top of this, just to see what it looks like, but hadn't done that before I posted this.    Ok, I just shamed myself into cutting the top mat because I figured if I didn't now I never would.  And, this faux mat will probably end up being quite useful in the future.

So I started out putting the square in the middle of a sheet of paper, put on a base coat and then just added color and design from there.  I added another piece of failed print as a collage piece and tried to see if I could get the hang of dripping.  And, well this is what I ended up with.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.


  1. A very interesting piece Nelvia. One of the advantages on working on paper - just add a mat or cut where needed - lol.

  2. I like the drips! I like how the black hints at a figure, or two. I love the block on the left, all the white scribbles. How there seems to be reflections on what might be a body of water. And I LOVE the white scribble falling out of the box. Made me look here there and everywhere Nelvia :)

  3. This is a winner! Strong shapes and colors! Bravo!


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