DAY 23 Sailing

Today's abstract turned into a seascape, loved how the different blues blended together to give the ocean interest.   I also am really happy with how the sky turned out as well.  This one was totally palette knife.  Wish I could say I am becoming  more comfortable with it, but think it will take quite a bit more practice, and I will kindly oblige it by doing more.

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. I like it. I like the texture and feel left by the palette knife. I'm wondering... Did you decide, "I'm going to paint sailboats on the ocean?" ... Or did you just begin and say, "Hey, these look like sailboats on an ocean?"

  2. Your use of the palette knife gives this such great texture. I like how you went with it changing from an abstract to a seascape. Well done!

  3. LOVE the sky, and the water, and reflections. Wonderful energetic work Nelvia!!

  4. Yes, we can feel the energy! Love the position of the boats! Go where the painting takes you!

  5. Oh, well done Nelvia! Whether this was intentional or just happenstance, it is super. I have found that 'getting comfortable with the palette knife' has to be re-learned every time you take a break from it, at least for me. It is not like riding a bike - lol.

    1. This one was planned to be boats, but the blending of sky and sea was purely happenstance. Yes the knife is it’s own tool and takes getting used to. Got a couple of different tips and each is uniquely it’s own technique. Then there are the spatulas which react different yet again.


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