DAY 15 Flash


Today was all about playing and well, my wild side is creeping out.  Changed up the paper on today's abstract and boy, did it ever open up a whole new world.  Crazy what a bit more texture can bring to the party.   Lots of playing around here, mostly used acrylic inks in this piece.  Used a toilet paper inner roll (both to stamp circles and roll paint) just flopped a brush around from side to side and used alcohol and gravity to move the inks.

Thanks much for stopping by.


  1. Love this piece mainly because I see lots of small images peeking through the play! You might like Carolyn Dube she works in acrylics mainly gelli prints.. she love to play!

    1. I will look her up and I have tried mono prints before and really enjoyed them. I finally got some of the gelli crayons, so it might be something to try out. Just what I need is more vices. D)

  2. Texture, variety and bold colours - what more could a person want . Looks like you are still having fun Nelvia.

  3. There is such great texture and color in this!!! Whoo-hoo!


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