30 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Avery

                                                                   Avery    5"x4"
Taking a break from criminals, this is the daughter of one of my friends and she is really just growing up turning into a stunner.  They had some super pictures taken by a professional photographer and she was kind enough to let me take a shot at doing her portrait.  I got some of her, not all the likeness, and since I am working in such a small format am definitely going to do her again but larger so I can capture all the beautiful skin and features.  She also has on the cutest dress.

So Carey, please tell her not to hate to and I will get back to you guys with the next rendition.

Thanks much for stopping by to take a peek and Happy Labor Day.


  1. I've found it so interesting that you'd choose to do a month of mug shots... but I get it... to learn/work on the craft. I have to say there's something far beyond just the smile that shows through as a difference between this happy young lady and the others.

  2. Hi Helen, yes this project does stop and make me think. I think the difference is the innocence that Avery still has versus the other mug shot people. I know when you are getting a mug shot circumstances aren't the best, and I am trying hard to get people who are light offenders. Just one more way we are blessed that our lives are happy in comparison to what they could have been. Decisions, always about decisions.

  3. Your colours are looking more realistic in this piece, especially the skin tones. A great learning experience Nelvia - good job!


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