Day 24 30 Day Challenge Just Stop

Todays picture is a continuation of one I posted a few days ago when I changed to the Artagain paper.  (I also have learned that the Artagain paper can hold a lot more layers than I ever imagined)  I have posted all three pictures here and what I wondered is how far is too far.  What do you think?
For a while now I have felt that I have stopped too early and that I need to get more contrast between lights and darks into my pictures.  So I set  aside the second try for a day and then came back to it, primarily adding in more dark colors.  I still don't have the secret of the foliage, but it definitely gives a fuller feeling than the previous pictures did.  It also is a far far cry from the original one that really looks like a pale imitation, unless it was in the fog??

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your thoughts - should I go father?


  1. This is much improved Nelvia but I think you need to do a bit more still. - Bummer, I know. I think that the tops of the rocks have to have harder edges - some of them look like they are made out of cotton - lol Also, a few horizontal lines in the water might help the perspective. Such a difficult subject! Good luck.

  2. Wow, what a difference from the original painting. With each addition you are getting more textures and darker colors. Nice!!!


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